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Taylor Prune is Korea's No.1 Prune food brand. From the initial brand identity and dried plum series package design to the juice and dried fruit series package and promotional assets, he was in charge of integrated branding until he achieved exclusive sales in Asia and No. 1 in domestic market share. ‘Taylor’ BI was developed to simultaneously identify CI and BI of the ‘Taylor’ type face by applying the Master Brand strategy. In order to connect the taste of the prune fruit, which is the core of the product, with the image of the company, we applied intuitive purple and green colors to establish a brand system to distinguish the organic, premium, and original prune lineup from various seasonal dry food and beverage lineups. We have continuously developed products with an emphasis on unifying the package design system so that customers who experience the product can recognize ‘Prune Food = TaylorPrune’.
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